Anthony Barbera

Senior Consultant to CRA

Dr. Anthony J. Barbera has more than 30 years of experience providing consulting services on a wide range of economic issues in both the government and private sectors.

Since 1989, Dr. Barbera’s primary practice has been in the economics of intercompany pricing. His specializations include detailed market analyses, cost-sharing agreements, intellectual property valuation, and product price analyses for numerous industries.

Dr. Barbera has extensive experience assisting taxpayers faced with transfer pricing issues in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Japan, the United Kingdom, and Korea. Dr. Barbera has also provided expert testimony in Canada and in the United States.  These cases involve the arm’s length royalty for the use of certain marketing intangible assets; the sale of commodities to a foreign subsidiary; and the transfer of a purchase contract from parent to subsidiary.  Dr. Barbera has also assisted a large US multinational settle an IRS examination under the new Fast Track procedures. The issues in that case related to royalties paid by foreign affiliates for the use of trademarks and trade names as well as know-how and other technology. Lastly, Dr. Barbera has implemented certain related party derivative transactions for several companies as a way to manage risk across geographic markets.

Dr. Barbera has assisted taxpayers operating in numerous industries, such as: pharmaceuticals, beverages, apparel, motor vehicles, energy, electronics, publishing, finance, household products, health care/medical products other than pharmaceuticals, engineering services, communications, and retail. Dr. Barbera is currently providing assistance to another tax authority on several transfer pricing audits and will provide expert testimony if and when needed.

Dr. Barbera has authored numerous papers and articles that have appeared in leading journals and industry publications.