Ingo Vogelsang

Senior Consultant to CRA

Ingo Vogelsang, Professor of Economics at Boston University, is an industrial organization and public policy expert who specializes in public utility regulation, public enterprises, and privatization issues, as well as energy economics and telecommunications economics with a special emphasis on institutional and incentive problems.

Professor Vogelsang has taught economics at Boston University for more than 25 years. Prior to that, he was an assistant professor in the University of Bonn’s department of economics and a managing limited partner with Vogelsang & Schönfeld.

Professor Vogelsang has held a number of other professional positions, including associate editor with Information Economics and Policy and member of the editorial board of several economics journals, including the Journal of Regulatory Economics and International Economics and Economic Policy. He has also served as a referee for more than 30 publications. Professor Vogelsang is widely published, and he has participated in many of books, articles, and reviews published in both German and English. Professor Vogelsang’s recent consulting experience includes work with The World Bank, The RAND Corporation, The German Federal Network Agency, and The German Ministry for Economics and Labor.


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Ingo Vogelsang