J. Stephen Henderson

Senior Consultant to CRA

J. Stephen Henderson, Senior Consultant, has an extensive background in the economics and regulation of the electricity industry, and has prepared extensive expert testimony on issues before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, the New York Public Utilities Commission, and the Louisiana Public Utility Commission.

His interests include corporate restructuring, power pooling arrangements, transmission reservation systems, and competitive power markets. Formerly, Dr. Henderson served as the Associate Director of FERC’s Office of Economic Policy, where he helped formulate electricity policy, including competitive market policies and the transmission access and pricing guidelines established in FERC Orders 888 and 889. In utility industry mergers and market-based pricing cases, he specializes in resolving market definition, market power, and performance measurement issues. Before joining the FERC, Dr. Henderson was a senior institute economist at the National Regulatory Research Institute, where he wrote extensively on electricity and natural gas regulation, price discrimination, and performance measurement.