John J. Griffin

Vice President

John J. Griffin joined CRA’s staff in 1998 and has worked on a broad range of litigation and other consulting matters. Dr. Griffin specializes in applying economic theory to complex litigation matters, with an emphasis on securities litigation. He has served as a practice leader, group leader, and a member of the firm’s management committee.

In securities litigation matters, his work focuses on damages issues, including the estimation of per share damages and aggregate damages using both simulation approaches and trading records. In other finance-related litigation, Dr. Griffin has conducted valuations of executive stock options, analyzed damages in the context of insider trading accusations, calculated the performance of large investment portfolios under alternative investment strategies, and researched real-time financial data systems.

In antitrust litigation, Dr. Griffin has analyzed large transactional databases in the context of price fixing allegations and analyzed claims of anticompetitive behavior. In the area of taxation, Dr. Griffin has developed tax forecasting tools for state government, including analyses of regional economic activity and the distribution of spending between the household and commercial sectors.

Prior to joining CRA, Dr. Griffin taught graduate and undergraduate economics courses at Worcester Polytechnic Institute as well as undergraduate economics courses at Boston College and Stonehill College.


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