Kabir Dutta

Senior Consultant to CRA

Kabir Dutta has more than 15 years of experience in financial risk management of market (equity, commodity, and foreign exchange), interest rate, and operational risk.

He has experience across various industries such as telecommunication, energy, exploration and production, and financial services. Prior to joining CRA, Dr. Dutta was a senior economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston. He led several operational risk, market risk, interest rate risk, and securitization reviews on behalf of the Federal Reserve at several major U.S. banks. His research has been presented at several national and international conferences. Prior to that, Dr. Dutta held a number of positions including senior consultant in the Securities Practice Group of National Economic Research Associates (NERA). While at NERA, he consulted on cases involving the use of options for market manipulation, the valuation of derivatives, insurance annuities, breach of energy-related contracts, and risk management related to energy and other industries. He was also a senior strategist at Deutsche Bank Asset Management. Dr. Dutta taught at the Princeton University and holds a MBA and PhD from the Wharton school of the University of Pennsylvania.