William Fitzsimmons

Senior Consultant to CRA

William Fitzsimmons has over 20 years of experience in the economic analysis of telecommunications issues. In the context of providing expert testimony in regulatory proceedings and litigation, he has developed financial simulation models of competitive entry into local markets, advised telecommunications companies on the construction of forward-looking cost models, assessed the impacts of changing policies and practices on telecommunications firms and the development of competition, examined the cost of wireless service to assess claims of financial damage, provided economic interpretations of tax policies in the presence of competitive markets, examined the economic implication of public investment in telecommunications, and analyzed conditions facing telecommunications carriers for accessing public rights-of-way.

Prior to his career as an expert witness, Dr. Fitzsimmons’ industry experience included two years of econometric modeling of the demand for private line services for AT&T in New Jersey and six years as a financial modeler for BellSouth in Atlanta, where he provided financial input for the consideration of major investment and public policy decisions.  Since 1996, Dr. Fitzsimmons has testified in dozens of litigation and regulatory proceedings.


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