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Utility Rates and Regulation Working Group (URWG)

Clean energy integration and technological advancements like Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) have rapidly evolved the energy industry, making it vital for utilities to advance energy pricing and business models. Traditional retail rates must adapt to a customer-centric landscape while preserving equity, affordability, and efficiency in their pricing.

In December 2023, our member-only working group was launched to focus on these issues. This biannual “Think Tank” gathers energy sector professionals from private and public utilities in both the US and Canada. It is a platform for directors, managers, and analysts in the field to share insights and ongoing initiatives, receive feedback, and brainstorm on key rate design and regulatory matters as energy transitions to a modern, decarbonized grid.

Please enter your details below if you are interested in joining the working group and want to receive more information on upcoming meetings. If you have any questions, please contact the URWG director, Amparo Nieto.