Culture of learning and rigor

Project work at CRA is rich and rigorous. In fact, in our annual survey over 95% of employees agree that accurate analysis and high-quality work is a top priority at our firm.

We are made up of leading minds – more than 80% of our senior staff have advanced degrees, with more than 40% holding PhDs. But your education doesn’t end when you walk through our doors. Our robust learning culture ensures we uphold our values of rigorous analysis, intellectual curiosity, and excellent client service. Explore our training offerings here.

Creative, resourceful, and curious staff

The top performers at CRA are resourceful individuals who take initiative and are full of ideas about how to make their mark here. While our staff make a daily impact through project work, there are many other activities in which you can be involved:

  • Participate in a variety of committees, such as alumni, social, and office sports teams
  • Give back to your local community through our corporate giving, pro bono and volunteer programs. Recent initiatives include volunteering at local shelters, supporting an employee donation matching program for global coronavirus relief efforts, and partnering with organizations to provide food, clothing, and holiday presents to families in need.
  • Employees at all levels assist in year-round recruiting efforts to help us find the best and brightest
  • Junior consultants can join the Junior Class Council to represent fellow juniors and assist the newest class in building skills and networking internally
  • Staff can support the Diversity & Inclusion Taskforce through knowledge-sharing, community service, networking events, and mentorship opportunities
  • Team up with colleagues to participate in firm-wide wellness challenges
  • Lead a Tech Lab training session and share your technical expertise with all colleagues

Each of these activities is employee-created and led – many by junior staff. We want our employees to go beyond project work and create and share experiences about which they are passionate.

  • Tech Labs, fueled with ideas from our staff and taught by internal experts, allow employees to “pay the learning forward” and share their expertise with others during interactive training sessions.

  • Members of London’s Volunteer Committee participate in Run the River – an event benefitting disadvantaged schools in England and Wales.

Boston's Volunteer Committee teamed up with the Esplanade Association to clean up the Charles River Esplanade and revitalize the park.

Collegiality, decency, and integrity in a welcoming, inclusive, and collaborative environment

Immigration: CRA’s immigration team is committed to providing holistic care for our colleagues and their families, especially in the ever-changing global immigration climate. View our Immigration & global mobility page to learn more about how CRA assists you and your family through the process.

Benefits & wellness: We believe a robust benefits and wellness program encourages personal and professional productivity. Our extensive offerings enable physical, mental and financial wellbeing for all staff and provide extra support when it’s needed most. Click here for more information.

Onboarding: Each year, CRA onboards over 250 new hires, and we offer a range of resources to enable a smooth integration for every individual. Our onboarding processes focus on building relationships and learning and growth initiatives to ensure you receive a well-rounded welcome to the firm. Upon joining CRA, you are assigned both a senior staff colleague and a peer-level mentor who guide you through the integration process and are available for questions, mentorship, colleague introductions, or simply a lunch buddy. From the start of your time at CRA, you receive extensive on-the-job training through programs that focus on technical skills, consulting skills, connecting with colleagues, and building relationships. Our extracurricular activities, office videos, wellness challenges, and networking and social nights offer further opportunities to meet other employees, participate in firm events, and learn more about the company.

Our heritage

CRA’s story began in 1965. We were founded by professors from MIT and Harvard – right across the Charles River from where our global headquarters are today in Boston, Massachusetts. While our founders never imagined CRA would grow to be over 800 consultants spread across 20+ global offices, they knew they wanted to do high-quality, challenging, honest and intellectually defensible work in a harmonious, collaborative environment. That founding ethos is a hallmark of who we are today.

Corporate citizenship in the local community

CRA encourages pro bono service opportunities, which allow staff to contribute professional expertise beyond project work to meaningful cases and enhance CRA corporate citizenship in the local community. Our Pro Bono Committee identifies and establishes both one-time pro bono projects and institutional relationships.

Life-long relationships

We are proud to support the life-long relationships that have been built here: the CRA journey encompasses connections long after colleagues take the next step in their professional and academic paths. Joining and leaving CRA gives you access to our alumni community; click here to learn more, read our latest newsletter, or view our LinkedIn network.

Alumni community

Charles River Associates experts are regularly recognized in leading industry awards for their capability and contributions.

The CRA Experience

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