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CRA is the destination of choice for exceptional, self-motivated, and well-rounded students who have excelled academically to immerse themselves in challenging work and intense learning. We place value on research experience, quantitative ability, excellent written and oral communication skills, and a high-level of initiative. CRA interns can pursue their interests in analytical work and we expect them to effectively manage their time and take ownership of their projects. In return we offer the opportunity to build connections with your colleagues across the organization, learn about consulting, and develop a tool kit to use in your professional career.

What to expect

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Hear from former interns

Keran Huang, Antitrust & Competition Economics summer intern/full-time Analyst

“Throughout my internship, I was surprised by how helpful and supportive people at CRA were. My supervisor and onboarding buddy regularly checked-in with me to ensure my questions were answered and that I had a chance to work on the types of projects I was interested in. Overall, this internship is an unparalleled learning experience offered in a supportive environment.”

Tara Mampilly, Antitrust & Competition Economics summer intern/full-time Senior Associate

“During my internship, I was tasked with various stages of different projects – from background research to data collection and analysis using statistical software. Having a range of tasks gave me the opportunity to work closely with junior and senior staff, keeping each day challenging. The collaborative work environment, the intellectual pedigree of the team, and the rich learning experiences truly set apart the summer internship programme at CRA!”

Saurabh Singh, Finance summer intern/full-time Associate

“Coming into the internship I had two major goals – first was to get substantial work experience on real-world projects/cases, and second was to have the opportunity to interact with the amazing people at the firm. I was able to accomplish both these goals and more throughout the duration of my internship. I was pleasantly surprised by the significant amount of responsibilities given to me on the projects, which allowed me to experience first-hand what it was like to work on the analyses/research done on consulting projects. And all the while, it was wonderful to interact with the experienced leaders and professionals at the company, who were more than willing to mentor and share their experience with me.”

Molly Walsh, Intellectual Property summer intern/full-time Analyst

“CRA is a great internship experience because you get the chance to dive into cases and do hands-on work. I was treated as an analyst and given responsibility. For one of the projects I worked on, I even got experience in report writing, and some of my work ended up in the final deliverable. CRA provided just the right combination of guidance and independence.”

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