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As an entry-level consultant you may model and interpret complex data, conduct research, collaborate with CRA team members, and prepare materials and insights for clients. In return, CRA offers an intellectually curious, collegial, and analytically rigorous environment in which to launch your career.

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CRA offers an intellectually curious, collegial, and academically rigorous environment in which to build your career. Meet our colleagues at an on-campus session, company networking night, at other industry events, or learn more about CRA through our thought leadership and published insights.

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At CRA, you can make an impact from day one. Here are some insights for making a smooth transition from school to consulting.

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Life Sciences, North America

“Although it can be challenging to determine what truly differentiates one consulting firm from another, CRA shines brightest for the ample opportunities it provides for training and mentorship, its positive working environment, and its people. As a PhD transitioning into consulting, having a career coach and onboarding buddy who came from a similar background helped make the transition a smooth and enjoyable process. Additionally, the environment at CRA is both academic and supportive – you’re encouraged to ask questions and brainstorm ideas as soon as you start your first project. Last but not least, my colleagues are bright, interesting, and fun people who I enjoy working with every day.”

Forensic Services, North America

“I am lucky to have some of the finest project managers and colleagues who are extremely supportive in providing me the mentorship for great learning. Being a computer science major, transitioning into consulting and then to forensics was challenging. However, having an incredibly encouraging career coach who allowed me to set my professional goals and aided me in developing interpersonal skills was very helpful.”

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