Alberta's PPA Power Plant Auction

As the Auction Manager, CRA designed and implemented the optimal auction process given the power purchase arrangements (PPAs) to be sold for most of Alberta’s power plants. Our tasks included communications with the media, stakeholders, and other interested parties; marketing the auction process to prospective bidders and investors; preparing the legal and other auction-related documents; developing the auction design and rules; holding information sessions; customizing our auction software; administering the auction itself; hosting the auction at CRA’s Internet auction site; and executing post-auction activities. Throughout the project, we coordinated an extended project team that included the client, the Power Pool of Alberta, the Transmission Administrator of Alberta, and the Alberta Department of Economic Development.

We also provided assistance on various market design issues related to restructuring Alberta’s electric power industry. The PPA auction resulted in new entry of market participants and raised C$1.15 billion.

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