The transition and decarbonization of energy systems and sectors is underway, requiring the re-allocation of capital and labor on a global scale. More than ever, clients need to make informed, fact-based decisions based on rigorous analysis. We are not generalists – our focus is energy infrastructure, and we routinely work with the world’s leading corporations, investors, law firms, and regulators.

Charles River Associates’ energy experts provide global strategic, economic, commercial and regulatory advice on today’s energy ecosystem and the energy transition. We utilize evidence-based research, rigorous analysis, and first-hand industry expertise to create strategies, manage risk and uncertainty, and unlock value. In addition, we advise our clients on transactions, and transform operating models to help maximize the value of their assets. We further provide expert witness support in civil litigation, regulatory matters, and international arbitration.

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    Assessing data center load forecasting methodologies in Integrated Resource Planning
    CRA collaborated with industry stakeholders to establish best practices in data center load forecasting that base reference forecasts on known mature projects...
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  • 02
    Load prioritization and providing clean energy optionality through data center tariff design
    CRA has collaborated with both utility and data center clients to identify mechanisms to prioritize data center loads in ever tightening markets. Load...
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  • 03
    Addressing data center growth in competitive wholesale energy markets
    CRA has engaged with multiple utilities operating within integrated markets and helped identify possible future load development by assessing growth in data...
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