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ESG Support for the Energy Sector

ESG at CRA builds on a rigorous analytical approach with scenarios mapping global environmental challenges, shifting stakeholder preferences, and ever-increasing emphasis on corporate stewardship. We guide companies along an ESG maturity journey, directly supporting senior management in making and executing significant portfolio and resource allocation decisions. Our unique understanding of decarbonization and energy transition across the value chain helps us embed ESG into core operations. We strive to unlock factors crucial for long-term resilience without compromising short-term performance. Our approach ensures individual ESG pillars are tied to a company’s business strategy, which minimizes risks and creates additional value pools.


  • 01
    Cleaner energy portfolio support for oil and gas company
    CRA worked with a major oil and gas company to develop its future view on energy service demands and the technologies that will be required to meet those...
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  • 02
    Enhancing ESG for a gas network utility
    CRA supported a major international infrastructure fund and asset manager to enhance the ESG function in a newly acquired gas network utility. We supported the...
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  • 03
    Embedding sustainability into a Canadian utility
    CRA worked with a Canadian utility to shift organizational focus and energy towards embedding sustainability into the business, and by doing so, enabling...
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