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Sustainability, ESG, and Climate Policy for Energy Intensive Sectors

CRA works with clients to develop sustainability-led strategies, build new capabilities, execute operational plans across organizations, and improve ESG performance.

Pressure from the public and investors is accelerating the global energy transition to a low-carbon economy. Business leaders understand that improving sustainability will be critical to long-term success and reducing emissions is becoming a precondition to their social license to operate. At CRA, our sustainability support for clients in the energy industry and other segments is based on our rigorous analytical capabilities and a deep understanding of energy as a cornerstone in the transition to a low-carbon future.

Our consulting team is comprised of seasoned strategy advisors with support from a large group of specialized industry experts to drive business change, unlock intrinsic value, transform ways of working, and deliver enduring results.

Our focus areas


  • 01
    Comprehensive commercial due diligence for significant private equity fund
    CRA’s Energy Practice recently completed a comprehensive commercial due diligence for a significant private equity fund contemplating an investment in a...
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  • 02
    Developing North American hydrogen market entry strategy for major international renewable and hydrogen developer
    Situation: A major international renewable and hydrogen developer were seeking support in developing a North American hydrogen market entry strategy. A team of...
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  • 03
    Low-carbon fuel market analysis and modeling project economics for major international energy infrastructure company
    Situation: A major international energy infrastructure company was looking to chart an investment strategy regarding low-carbon fuels projects and needed...
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