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Grid Modernization

As many countries across the globe are focusing their energy policy on decarbonization, the electric grid is evolving. Grids are shifting to a more decentralized architecture with rapid increases in distributed energy resources such as solar, storage, electric vehicles, and microgrids, as well as an increased integration of smart technologies. As renewable energy penetration increases, load patterns change and become more unpredictable, and extreme weather events become more common in the face of climate change, investments must be made to ensure the grid remains safe, reliable, secure, and resilient.

CRA supports utilities and other market participants in the development of new grid strategies, roadmaps, and investment plans that will accommodate the rapid growth in distributed energy resources, electric vehicles, and customer systems. This includes planning related to the incorporation of increasing grid intelligence and automation, IT/OT systems, and related data analytics. Services also include development of business cases, cost-benefit analysis, and regulatory support, including writing and providing testimony.

We have worked with electric utilities to develop grid edge strategy including identifying the prioritization of system investments to support EV growth and DER integration; electric, gas, and water utilities to develop cost-benefit analyses for GIS and CIS investments; electric utilities to develop smart grid plans including regulatory testimony; and private equity investors to analyze community and C&I solar and storage platforms.


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    Development of Grid Modernization Plan for Liberty Utilities
    CRA has worked with Liberty Utilities, an 800,000 customer utility operating in the U.S. and Canada, with a series of grid modernization initiatives aimed at...
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