Solar Panel, Wind Turbines and Li-ion Battery Container

Grid Modernization

The nature of how utilities must plan the grid has fundamentally changed in response to increasing customer service expectations and the rapid rise in distributed resources. Traditional grid planning processes are no longer acceptable and may pose substantial operational, financial, and regulatory risks to the utility if left unchecked. The two-way, distributed grid requires an investment roadmap that reflects the utility’s long-range vision and a clear set of strategic priorities.

We help utilities to develop their long-range grid and resource investment plans through strategic facilitation, modeling, and other analysis. We also support utilities with their regulatory processes and frequently testify on the utility’s behalf (e.g., Integrated Grid/Smart Grid, Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)/ Smart Network Management (SNM), IT system investments).


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    Development of Grid Modernization Plan for Liberty Utilities
    CRA has worked with Liberty Utilities, an 800,000 customer utility operating in the U.S. and Canada, with a series of grid modernization initiatives aimed at...
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