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Building more valuable chemicals companies.

Although the chemicals industry enables the vast majority of products used in our daily lives, a number of forces are causing the chemicals industry to rapidly evolve.  These include a broad-based demand for more sustainable products, emergence of new chemicals production technologies, structural changes in the refining and energy industries, and ongoing consumer pressure for higher performance at lower costs.

With in-depth industry knowledge and decades of experiences, we are the trusted advisor and partner in solving the most critical issues affecting chemical companies. We are focused on creating value for our clients through the development of fact-based, pragmatic solutions. We have worked across nearly every sector of the chemicals industry including:

  • Petrochemicals and intermediates
  • Plastics and polymers
  • Inorganic chemicals
  • Specialty and performance chemicals
  • Agrochemicals and fertilizers
  • Emerging technologies such as biomaterials and chemical recycling

Our Focus Areas


  • 01
    CRA developed a positioning and growth strategy for China for global industrial chemical company
    CRA developed a strategy to drive a growth and an investment program in China, considering the investment focus across key business areas and regions inside...
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  • 02
    Corporate and repositioning strategy to grow core business of a specialty phosphates company
    CRA took a “fresh look” at the company portfolio to assess business attractiveness, growth potential, economics and company positioning. We developed a...
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  • 03
    Corporate growth strategy for a speciality materials company
    Worked with management to craft a new direction for the company, and a plan for portfolio repositioning to enable focused and profitable future growth. Our...
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