Nuclear power plant cooling tower looking up into night sky


The role of nuclear in the energy mix has highlighted energy security and policy issues as organizations consider decarbonization. Along with the repowering of existing nuclear plants, advanced nuclear technologies are now also under the spotlight as they hold promise of shorter construction timelines, lower cost overhead, and cross-industry applications.

We offer a suite of services for the nuclear power industry, helping organizations shape their businesses to take advantage of the current opportunities in the market and the broader pathway to net-zero. We work with developers, investors, and lawyers to offer go-to-market and corporate strategies, due diligence, and regulatory analysis.

CRA’s energy consultants have a deep understanding of the advanced nuclear market, technologies, and economics. In particular, we consider the relative contribution of the technology to the electricity system in terms of energy, capacity, and flexibility services, to determine what the more appealing proposition is for off-takers or utility buyers.

How we can help


  • 01
    Assessing advanced nuclear integration in North American utilities
    CRA’s team of nuclear experts evaluated the potential benefits of incorporating advanced nuclear into a typical North American utility system and quantified...
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  • 02
    Evaluating government support for nuclear technology advancement
    CRA’s team of energy consultants worked closely with the government of a Tier 1 nuclear country to conduct a review of the efficacy of the current government...
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  • 03
    Integrating fourth generation nuclear tech into established nuclear fleet
    A team of CRA Energy consultants worked with a large nuclear fleet operator to formulate a strategy for incorporating advanced, fourth generation nuclear...
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