Assessing alternative strategies in emerging markets

Situation: CRA’s client was seeking to expand opportunities for its CNS portfolio in emerging markets. The client wanted to understand the pricing and reimbursement environments and market access risks in Brazil, India, China and Turkey. Of particular interest to the client was the identification potential alternative pricing and access strategies suited to each of these four markets.
CRA contribution: 

  • Developed market landscape assessments that included stakeholder profiles, CNS product pricing corridors and market access pathways
  • Engaged in primary market research with physicians and a variety of market access stakeholders in each country. Interviews provided insights on P&R environments and feasibility of alternative strategies (e.g. dual branding, outcomes guarantees, infrastructure investments)

Result: CRA identified the key market access risks, opportunities and uncertainties to consider in each emerging market.We also assessed the feasibility of a menu of alternative pricing and access strategies and provided recommendations on which alternative strategies to pursue given local environments.

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