Business development search to assess the commercial attractiveness of the gene therapy pipeline

Our client sought to assess a broad range of indications in which gene therapy is being developed and create a comprehensive map of the landscape to facilitate comparison of indications. This would then be used to assess the relative attractiveness of individual indications and broader therapy areas.

CRA approach

  • Generated a full list of clinical and some preclinical indications (~80) of interest based on ongoing programs and clinical trials
  • Assessed indications against five key criteria: epidemiology, unmet need, target confidence, competition, and feasibility
  • Provided a one-slide, high-level summary of each indication detailing rationale for value assigned to each key criteria
  • Created an unbiased map of opportunities and conducted analyses within and across disease areas to identify opportunities for efficiencies

Client impact

  • Identified opportunity archetypes that may justify diversifying clients’ existing therapy area focus and creation of a new vertical
  • Created a guide for future business development (BD) activities:
    • Identified diseases where the team should conduct the next deep-dive assessments
    • Created a list of top priority indications to communicate with the BD community such that the client can become a partner of choice
    • Aided in understanding the criteria for assessing future opportunities
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