Understanding and segmenting a rare disease market

Client issue
Our client sought to develop a better understanding of the market for a rare disease, including patient diversity and treatment, in anticipation of an upcoming product launch.

CRA approach
We conducted a quantitative profiling survey with 60+ physicians on patient population/ approach. This was followed with exploratory qualitative interviews with physicians, patients/caregivers, and nurses to develop patient case forms. We then developed charts capturing the backgrounds and treatments for individual patients and undertook follow-up qualitative interviews to characterize patient segments.

Client impact
The project highlighted key trends/areas of diversity and identified areas for future research, including key/resistant patient types and potential inputs for MD segmentation (e.g., discussion of new therapies, beliefs about compliance, gaps in MD knowledge). This led to pressure-testing forecast assumptions/understanding of the market and provided recommendations for future research, such as the need to define key terms (due to variation in MDs).