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Corporate, Portfolio & Brand Strategy

For 25 years, our global team of senior experts has helped Life Science firms anticipate trends and break through strategic barriers. CRA’s fit-for-purpose designs go beyond a single project, to build a true strategic partnership, providing cross-functional support across industry stakeholders and geographies. Clients rely on CRA’s institutional knowledge and subject matter expertise to provide an independent perspective to address core business issues, drive change, and align internal stakeholders.

Our focus areas


  • 01
    Showcasing the value and revenue potential of an asset in development
    A Biotech company sought to quantify the revenue potential and develop a forecast model for their asset, which is currently in early clinical development – the...
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  • 02
    Pan-tumor communication strategy in oncology
    Client Issue Our client was preparing to expand its indication across multiple tumor types and wanted to develop a strategy for a single campaign that could be...
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  • 03
    Understanding and segmenting a rare disease market
    Client Issue Our client sought to develop a better understanding of the market for a rare disease, including patient diversity and treatment, in anticipation...
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