Analytics in Strategy & Management Consulting

The velocity of data and decision making is accelerating in today’s high-stakes business environment. As this growth continues, so do the opportunities for organizations to leverage their data for better business outcomes than competitors. CRA’s global team of consultants and leading engineers, statisticians and data scientists has helped clients anticipate trends and break through strategic barriers, by applying advanced analytics capabilities through the lens of our extensive industry experience. Our fit-for-purpose designs go beyond a single project, to build a true strategic partnership, providing cross-functional support across industry stakeholders and geographies.  Clients rely on CRA’s institutional knowledge and analytics expertise to provide an independent perspective to address core business issues, drive change, and align internal stakeholders.

Notably, with deep knowledge on cutting-edge data sources and technologies, we are able to take a data and technology-agnostic approach and seamlessly adapt our clients’ preferred tools and platforms. Our tailored solution aims to suit clients’ business issues and provide actionable insights that life performance, resilience and competitive advantage.

Our Focus Areas


  • 01
    Developed go-to-market strategy for follow-on asset with blockbuster potential
    Client Issue Our client sought to develop an “agile launch” approach to commercialize its second-generation diabetes asset considering competitor pressures and...
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  • 02
    Analytics support for the impact of Covid-19 on a pharmaceutical product
    CRA advanced analytics was hired by a pharmaceutical company to assess the impact of Covid-19 on the forecast of their pulmonology product in the US. Using the...
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  • 03
    Analytics support for biotech company with an oncology product
    CRA was hired by a biotech company with a new product in development for oncology. The main objective was to quantitatively understand current treatment...
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