Client strategy in response to the risk of drug importation policy in the US

Client wanted to position themselves and shape the industry-wide response on the issues arising from importation

CRA Approach

  • Collected and analysed real-world evidence on the experience of importation (parallel trade) in global markets
  • Drew implications regarding the thread of importation to Client, based on global experience
  • Reviewed the HHS Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on Importation of medicines from Canada and identified potential implications to Client
  • Summarized risk of importation to Client and potential next steps to mitigate any negative implications

Client Impact

  • Developed a comprehensive summary of how importation works in practice in global markets and identified implications to Client
  • Prioritized key risks to Client associated with medicines importation – from perspectives of the US as an importer and Canada as an exporter
  • Provided a framework to monitor and assess impact that importation would have on Client and identified actionable next steps
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