Tim Wilsdon

Vice President

Tim Wilsdon focuses on projects involving the pharmaceuticals sector and the retail financial services market. As a vice president in CRA’s London office, Mr. Wilsdon is responsible for leading many pharmaceuticals projects in Europe. He commonly talks at European conferences on issues to do with pricing and reimbursement and the economics of innovation.

Recently he has completed studies for PhRMA, LIF, and PIASA on how pharmaceutical markets could be reformed to work more efficiently. Previously, he was responsible for managing an assignment for the European Commission determining whether there was a global crisis in innovation. He has worked on a series of global pharmaceutical projects, recent examples include projects investigating the potential for launching a new Alzheimers and arthritis product and the likely impact of bio-similars in the growth hormone market. He managed an ex-post assessment of launch strategy for a cardiovascular product in the UK, Germany, Belgium, and the Nordic countries, and he led CRA’s European efforts to support global launches in hypertension and antibiotics. Mr. Wilsdon has managed a series of policy projects in the pharmaceuticals sector, including the development of a quantitative model on parallel trade in Europe and numerous projects for the UK’s Department of Health assessing the return on capital, the return on sales, and comparing the PPRS to other European regulatory schemes.

Mr. Wilsdon also focuses on projects in the financial services sector. He is responsible for CRA’s work in retail financial services in the London office and leads much of the team’s quantitative economics. His experience includes leading a numbers of major studies on behalf of the Financial Services Authority into the regulation of wholesales insurance and advice on packaged investment products. He was also responsible for significant assignments for the Association of British Insurers and the European Commission as well as leading insurance companies and fund managers.

Selected Engagements

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    Adapting ICER to transformative medicines
    Our client is a global pharma company and is interested to understand the implications of the 2019/2020 updates to the ICER Value Assessment Framework...
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  • 02
    Assessed likely policy response in major markets to COVID-19
    Identified risks to pricing and market access in global markets for related and non-related therapeutic areas CRA Approach Developed a framework that captures...
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  • 03
    Characterising the benefits of personalised medicines
    Our client was seeking to develop an evidence base to support the contribution of personalised medicines to patients, healthcare systems and society more...
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