Adapting ICER to transformative medicines

Our client is a global pharma company and is interested to understand the implications of the 2019/2020 updates to the ICER Value Assessment Framework (VAF)

CRA Approach

  • Assess updates to the ICER’s 2020-2023 VAF and review of the industry main criticisms
  • Examine the key changes in the 2020-2023 VAF and potential implications for our client’s key products. Identify potential implications for our client’s HTA strategic planning
  • Evaluate other changes whose potential impact and implications should be monitored throughout 2020
  • Review key proposals have not been adopted in the 2020-2023 VAF

Client Impact

  • Position our client as an industry leader on understanding the main changes introduced in the 2020-2030 VAF (in comparison to the 2017-2019 VAF)
  • Support our client’s HTA strategy for products
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