Data compromise at a global technology corporation

Computer security

CRA’s client, a global technology corporation, experienced a large-scale business email compromise event that impacted global operations in 27 countries. CRA’s team of forensic services experts organized and performed the collection and preservation of the individuals’ data located in the 27 countries.

CRA’s cybersecurity team worked closely with US and UK counsel to parse the data by jurisdiction. This allowed for review according to local data privacy regulations. For each country’s dataset, the CRA team leveraged language detection and machine translation solutions in conjunction with pattern searching and search term analysis. This allowed CRA’s consultants to identify data within each mailbox that required further manual review.

CRA’s team of experts applied proprietary scripting to extract information from the structured files and loaded the unstructured data into Relativity for analysis, review, and data capture. These two unique workstreams identified over half a million records of data. The CRA team deduplicated the identified records and provided the client with a data subject file for counsel’s use in notifying both the impacted individuals and Data Protection Authorities in multiple jurisdictions.

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