How can we make our Research process more effective and efficient? - Defining and modeling the research process


  • Biotech company seeking to extend its activities to become an integrated pharma company
  • Needed to properly understand and then manage the key processes involved in NCE and NBE research


  • Working closely with a cross-functional team to define the process steps in NCE and NBE research
  • Identification of dwell times and resource needs at each stage
  • Creation of a computer-based model to visualize the processes and overall pipeline and to model different outcomes


  • Processes mapped – divergence from best practice identified
  • Lexicon defined to underpin key stages in the process model
  • Capability base rebalanced to address weaknesses
  • A through-put model based upon industry-accepted performance criteria for use to forecast the performance of the future Research process model under different scenarios
  • Improved process management and decision making
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