Developed a global corporate position on Innovative Payment Models (IPM)

Developed a common lexicon and typology, aligned on key principles of use and created globally (including US) and therapeutic area aligned policy positions to support the use of IPM

CRA Approach

  • Conducted a review of the current landscape on IPM including the US, with a focus on Client’s therapeutic areas of interest to achieve a unified position statement
  • Leveraged existing sources to develop an agreed a common lexicon and typology for IPM and their roles
  • Identified the drivers of IPM use and barriers to developing different IPM
  • Developed overarching principles for IPM use across markets and for use in specific therapy areas

Client Impact

  • Helped client to develop a unique typology of IPM and aligned on common lexicon for leverage by client
  • Developed globally aligned and therapy area- specific positions on IPM use
  • Provided a policy Position Paper and Talking Points summary, for use by client team
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