Internal and external stakeholder alignment and engagement in support of multiple HTA submissions

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  • UK affiliate of global pharma company
  • Inconsistent views on positioning between medical and commercial
  • Need for coordination and engagement of key stakeholders
  • Tactical support required


  • Development of value proposition across cross-functional group to support HTA submissions and external engagement, across:
    • Clinical
    • Medical affairs
    • Commercial
    • Key affiliates
  • Facilitated cross functional steering group to plan and drive program
  • Planned and chaired multi-disciplinary advisory board
  • Managed relations with Patient advocacy groups
  • Co-ordinated plan with external relations teams


  • Internal buy-in and alignment
  • Program delivered in a coordinated fashion
  • Impactful relationships generated with key stakeholders
  • High profile media coverage
  • Favourable outcomes for HTAs
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