Medical affairs strategy development

CRA’s life sciences consultants partnered with a global medical affairs team to develop a multi-year cross-therapeutic area strategic plan to guide the team’s growth and positioning as a key strategic pillar along with R&D and Commercial.

CRA approach:

  • Via primary research, understand how the team is currently operating across therapeutic areas, functions, and geographies, while also assessing the external perception of the organization, to identify areas for improvement as well as strengths to leverage
  • Via a series of workshops, jointly define the vision, strategies, and goals to achieve industry-leading aspirations
  • Create a tactical plan and key performance indicators to implement the strategy that brings the team from its current state to its future vision

Client impact:

  • Deep understanding of the organization’s current state and how it is perceived externally, to be used as a foundation for evolution
  • Alignment on the strategic objectives, critical success factors, and key initiatives required to achieve the organization’s vision
  • Detailed tactical guide and metrics to be used as a roadmap to successfully track the team’s progress as the strategy is executed
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