Pan-tumor communication strategy in oncology

Client issue

Our client was preparing to expand its indication across multiple tumor types and wanted to develop a strategy for a single campaign that could be used across all tumors.

CRA approach

We undertook qualitative market research with oncologists in the EU and US to capture reactions to the brand’s new positioning strategy, in addition to feedback on specific concepts and messaging. Respondents took a 10-minute survey about 1 week prior to interviews, which allowed them to assess instinctive likes/dislikes of concepts being tested and provided a basis to evaluate memorability. Focus was given to both emotional and rational drivers to understand potential impact of communication strategy on behavior. We evaluated the clarity, impact (conscious and subconscious), and adaptability of concepts to multiple tumor types.

Client impact

The project identified the potential risks and opportunities associated with each set of concepts and messages and provided recommendations to optimize key metrics (e.g. motivation to learn more about client product) and improve on current execution. These findings highlighted areas of oncologist pushback regarding the planned positioning strategy.