Post-transaction support for a water utility 

Following the successful transaction for the acquisition of a large water utility in the UK, the investor and executive sought program support to transition to a new ownership. Key areas of focus for review, challenge, and realignment were the regulatory proposals for the next regulatory period, the OpEx portfolio of the central functions, and the strategic focus on their operational delivery commitments to the regulator, including spills.

CRA’s Energy consultants set up a program to bring the new owners and current executive together to progress reviews and transition requirements in support of the Board. A small team focused on detailed data reviews of the most important content areas with business experts presenting findings to the Board to make progress on key investment and spend topics. CRA supported the transition phase as changes to leadership, strategy, and financial planning were rolled out maintaining business continuity as a critical success factor.

Through the six-month transition period, CRA successfully revised the utility’s Board and Executive committees and completed all required transaction steps. Deep dives and analytics led to changes in spend profiles, strategy focus, and changes to the governance and implementation plans of the key strategic projects.

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