Pre-launch campaign narrative testing for a new gene therapy (GTx) in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD)

Our client sought to understand neurologists’ perceptions of GTx in DMD and identify ‘narratives’ about the treatments that were most resonant/successful with neurologists.

CRA approach

  • Worked with the client to define key metrics against which the narratives would be tested
  • Iteratively developed discussion guide and stimuli for use in market research
  • Coordinated multiple stakeholders (client, creative agency, interviewing contractor) to collect comprehensive insights from DMD treating neurologists
  • Developed methods to extract quantitative insights from interviews, enabling robust analysis even for the interim readout (before completion of all interviews)
  • Analyzed transcripts to extract qualitative insights, informing recommendations delivered at the final readout

Client impact

  • üDeveloped robust understanding of neurologists’ perceptions of GTx in DMD, informing development of value messages for a launch campaign
  • üProvided actionable recommendations on how to optimize narratives based on extensive qualitative/quantitative evidence and analyses
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