How should we change in order to be successful in the future? - Strategy for Global Research


  • Top ten pharma wishing to completely revise its Research strategy to address declining productivity
  • New corporate strategy in place
  • Globally dispersed and disconnected Research organization
  • Limited ability to benefit from external innovation


  • A 12 month, two phase program
  • Phase I — Diagnostic — working with a team of senior clients to evaluate:
    • The likely evolution of the global healthcare and DA environment over the coming 20 years
    • The internal environment in terms of competencies and performance across all global Research sites
    • The competitive situation
  • Phase II — Solution creation — a comprehensive new strategy for Research


  • Research strategy translated into:
    • New organizational structure enabling:
      • The creation of new decision-making bodies
      • New ways of creating strategies and managing the portfolio
    • Standardized terminology and methods across multiple sites
    • Optimization of the core discovery process including the identification of new KPIs
    • New competencies in accessing and managing external innovation
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