Technology portfolio and organization assessment

A global polyolefins manufacturer and licensor situation needed to assess the necessary reinforcement of the R&D portfolio and organization of its main research center.
The case was divided into four phases:

  1. Characterization of the current R&D portfolio, which included a companywide collection of market and associated technology needs
  2. Compilation of the technology needs into future research programs:  The research programs were described with its objectives, staffing, needs, strategic considerations, organizational linkages, and enablers for delivery.
  3. Extensive risk-reward analysis, which assessed the relative attractiveness of the research program. The programs were characterized by a SWOT analysis.
  4. Gap analysis, which identified the necessary actions to come to the appropriate research organization and portfolio

Solution:  CRA undertook a comprehensive inventory and characterization of the current portfolio in terms of competitive position, maturity, and impact was followed by a strategic inventory of the key and pacing technologies in polyolefins. On this basis, a new portfolio was recommended that involved a significant rejuvenation and strengthening of the long-term research end of the portfolio. Also, organizational changes necessary for delivery of the revised R&D project portfolio were developed. The entire project was conducted in very close cooperation with client staff members and management.

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