Virtual advisory board to explore the potential of novel P&R mechanisms for anti-infectives

Client Issue

Following on from a project assessing the PMA potential of a novel anti-infective, the client sought to understand which novel P&R mechanisms could be used to optimise the PMA potential across different market environments

CRA Approach

We conducted secondary research to explore potential P&R models for novel anti-infectives, including subscription models, cap & collar agreements, portfolio-based contracts and performance-based agreements. We then carried out a series of virtual advisory boards with payers and KOLs to refine understanding on the drivers and potential barriers for implementation of novel P&R mechanisms for novel anti-infectives. We were able to align on the shortcoming of a traditional P&R approach, understand receptivity towards novel P&R approaches and define the optimal characteristics of a novel agreement. Insights from the advisory board were packaged and we developed a blueprint for country teams to follow when assessing their market opportunity for a novel P&R approach

Client Impact

The client gained an in-depth understanding of how novel P&R approaches can optimize PMA potential and circumvent limitations set by traditional P&R processes. We also provided an actionable blueprint of considerations to be taken forward by individual markets for planning the optimal novel P&R approaches for their asset.

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