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Life Sciences Labeling

CRA assists clients in the evaluation of health and wellness claims (e.g., “all-natural”) for consumer products, including confectionery, beverage, and nutritional products. CRA experts have experience in evaluating methods in determining the “value” or “price impact” of specific product claims addressing liability and causation in the context of specific industry practices. Our experts have experience in working with various data sources to identify and analyze price impacts and in conducting surveys to evaluate consumer valuation of product claims.


  • 01
    CRA evaluates "healthy antioxidants" labeling claims and damages methods for dark chocolate products
    CRA was retained to assess claims of “healthy antioxidants” associated with consumer products. CRA examined manufacturer pricing data and industry practice...
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  • 02
    CRA evaluates beverage "All-Natural" labeling claims and class damages methods
    CRA was retained to assess claims of misleading “all-natural” beverage product claims. In particular, CRA provided assessments of methods to determine alleged...
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  • 03
    CRA evaluates effect of "slack-filled" packaging on confectionery sales
    CRA was retained to assess claims of misleading slack-filled packaging with respect to confectionery products on behalf of Defendant. Plaintiffs alleged that...
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