Speaking Engagement

Cybersecurity and Data Theft: Increasing Challenges and the Rise of Ransomware Webinar and In-Person Discussion

August 18, 2016
Carlton Fields Miami Office

The threat of data theft prompts businesses to undertake certain measures to protect its assets and to avoid being a target. If threatened, what steps should be taken to avoid victimization? Businesses are saddled with meeting industry standards in security, implementing best practices, and responding to data breaches and now even ransom threats. What is the best way to meet these demands? There are new federal guidelines providing answers. How should they be applied? If victimized, what steps should a business take to initiate an investigation and report an incident?  Who should be notified? Louis Scharringhausen is a panelist on this topic and will address these questions and share resources on how to avoid being a target and if targeted, what steps to take.
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