Speaking Engagement

ISPOR Europe 2023

November 12-15, 2023
Copenhagen, Denmark
Robotic pipette with test tubes

Five consultants had five posters accepted and one of our consultants presents during a podium session at this year’s event.

Myriam Mirza with Merck: “Evaluating the Cost-Effectiveness of Next-Generation Sequencing as a Biomarker Testing Strategy in Oncology and Implications for Policy: A Literature Review”

Bhavesh Patel: “Evolution in Price Levels of Orphan Medicinal Products (OMP): Looking Back at the Past Decade”

Antun Sablek: “Adoption of Precision Health (PH) and Precision Medicine (PM) Approaches in Addressing Population Health Needs in Europe”

Michele Pistollato and Charlotte Capdevila: “Treating early often comes too late: ensuring patient access to early cancer detection and treatment in Europe”

Michele Pistollato with MSD: “Healthcare Systems Resilience and the COVID-19 Emergency: How Care Can Be Improved Within the Current Budget and Resources Constraint by Increasing the Efficiency of Healthcare Delivery”

Michele Pistollato presents the session titled “Do Novel Oncology Combination Therapies Have a Place Within the EU Legislative Framework? The Impact of Challenges for Novel Combination Therapies on Equality of Access Between European Patients” with EFPIA.

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