Sponsorship & Speaking Engagement

North American Gas Forum

November 8-10, 2021
Hilton Washington DC, National Mall
Opportunities in Hydrogen

Rod Davies is a panelist on “The Interplay of Natural Gas and a Future Hydrogen Economy,” and will discuss:

  • How can safety and cost economics be addressed for hydrogen to reach its potential?
  • Are natural gas and hydrogen competitors or collaborators? What is the future of hydrogen blending in natural gas pipelines? What are limitations, if any?
  • What are constructive ways of addressing efficiency losses of hydrogen and the difference in source of production, ie. grey versus blue versus green?
  • What is the timing and scale for the hydrogen contribution to decarbonization and a lower carbon energy future? How can we look at timing, scheduling and limits in a pragmatic way in order to fully capitalize on the opportunity?

CRA and Marakon are proud sponsors of this conference.

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