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Recent Developments in UK Mergers

March 15, 2023
London, UK
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Simon Chisholm is a panelist during the conference and will be discussing the following questions:

Session 1: Substantive matters

  • Has there been a noticeable impact of the revised MAGs or was the CMA doing this anyway?
  • What are the CMA’s structural presumptions and how does it interpret ‘closeness’?
  • What is the test for loss of potential competition?
  • Where do we stand with tech mergers?
  • What is the CMA’s willingness to engage with economic evidence at Phase 1 and Phase 2?
  • What are the implications for submitting evidence?
  • Do the MAGs reflect established economic consensus?

Session 2: Procedural matters

  • To what extent are benign vs harmful deals being deterred?
  • Advising clients: is the CMA an outlier when assessing deal risk?
  • Does the CMA place much, if any, weight on precedent?
  • To what extent can (or do) CAT judgments ‘re-write’ parts of CMA guidelines (e.g., Meta/Giphy)?
  • What documents must the CMA share with the merging parties?
  • Does the CMA’s merger analysis receive sufficient scrutiny?

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