Awards & Recognitions

CRA engagements win in 2024 GCR Awards

April 11, 2024

The high-profile acquisition of Activision by Microsoft, which CRA Competition’s teams advised on was named overall Matter of the Year, as well as Matter of the Year in Europe and Matter of the Year in the United States at the 2024 GCR Awards.

Our US team included Elizabeth Bailey, Fiona Scott Morton, Andrea Asoni, Jeff Prisbrey, Spencer Graf, Paul Labys, Alexandra Charbi, Javier Brugués Rodríguez, and Grace Luo, among many others. Our European team included Matteo Foschi, Elina Koustoumpardi, Balazs Csullag, Jakub Drabik, Liam Connolly, and Ajay Pai.

The acquisition of VMware by Broadcom was named Matter of the Year Asia Pacific. Our Asia Pacific team was led by Fei Deng and Yi Cheng. CRA advised VMware globally on this transaction. Our European team was led by Daniel Donath, Uğur Akgün, and Michael Muehlbradt. Our North American team was led by Steven Salop, Yianis Sarafidis, and Kenneth Kerr.