Sponsorship & Speaking Engagement

TP Minds West Coast

December 4-5, 2024
San Francisco, CA
transfer pricing

CRA is a proud sponsor of the event.

Rebel Curd moderates and Robin Hart is a panelist during the session titled “Interplay Between Customs and TP” discussing:

  • How will the new TP rules impact profitability analysis?
    • Evaluating customs adjustments
    • Late TP adjustments: how will customs react?
  • How will tax authorities behave: will they agree to late TP?

Anna Soubbotina is a panelist during the session titled “Economic Headwinds and their Impact on Transfer Pricing” discussing:

  • Supply chain disruptions (e.g., microchip and other key input shortages, transportation costs, etc.)
  • Inflation, interest rates and exchange rates
  • Sanctions, tariffs and incentives
  • Tight labor market
  • Reimaging the supply chain (e.g., relocating or duplicating manufacturing and distribution capacity)

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