Anna N. Soubbotina


Anna Soubbotina is a Principal within the Transfer Pricing Practice, based in New York.

Ms. Soubbotina guides companies through the life cycle of their controlled transactions: from international expansion to ongoing risk management and compliance, through to effective controversy resolution. She has advised Fortune 100 public and private companies on transactions involving the transfer and use of intangible, tangible and financial assets, as well as services, balancing local regulatory requirements across over 200 jurisdictions with business needs.

In her current role as the East Coast TP Leader at CRA, Ms. Soubbotina leverages her experience working with Fortune 100 companies to guide clients through business change and disruption, such as an IPO, global supply chain expansion/contraction, market shocks, profitability and cost changes. Companies going through business transformation need to consider the cross functional implications of their transactions.

Ms. Soubbotina also serves as the cross-functional Blockchain Leader. She partners with blockchain technology and cryptocurrency companies, as well as their advisors, to analyze options for structuring cross-border operations, implement and defend those structures while anticipating the ever-changing regulatory environment.  This advisory approach, based on the rigor of litigation experience, allows her to customize every project and bridge the gap between regulatory ambiguity and business needs.

Prior to joining CRA, Ms. Soubbotina was with the Global Transfer Pricing practice of Deloitte Tax LLP for 14 years. She also spent two years with Deloitte Tax’s National Office in Washington, DC developing best practices and technical advice for emerging areas in transfer pricing.

Ms. Soubbotina is recognized as a highly regarded expert in the World Transfer Pricing Guide.

Selected engagements

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    Global benchmarking for digital services company
    CRA was engaged by a multinational digital services company to assist with their global comparable company benchmarking. Leveraging our extensive experience in...
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  • 02
    Bitcoin operations for trading and development platforms
    Assisted early stage trading and development platforms as well as established bitcoin mining operations with a global transfer pricing analysis assigning...
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  • 03
    New digital services marketplace for US blockchain technology company
    Worked with a US blockchain technology company launching a new digital services marketplace and cryptocurrency to establish their global transfer pricing and...
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