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Our global communications and media clientele includes: both large and small telecommunications carriers; internet service providers; television broadcasters and networks; cable operators and program services; manufacturers of network equipment; manufacturers of handsets and other consumer premise equipment; their relevant regulatory agencies; advertisers; publishers and printers of books, magazines, and catalogs and other marketing materials; as well as digital media providers.

The telecommunications and media industries are a complex, evolving industry with rapid technological innovation and/or ever-changing regulatory and business environments. CRA’s economic and business consultants provide expert guidance to our clients to navigate any business, litigation, and regulatory challenges they face. We support our clients in matters related to business disputes; class actions; breach of contract, including intercarrier compensation issues; regulatory challenges, including pricing analysis; competition analysis and deregulation; economic cost analysis; intellectual property infringement; and complex antitrust matters and merger review. We also advise bidders participating in spectrum auctions

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  • 01
    European Commission closes antitrust investigation of royalty-free licensing policy for SEPs
    On May 23, 2023, DG Competition closed its preliminary investigation of the Alliance for Open Media (AOM)’s royalty-free licensing policy, without further...
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  • 02
    Ability to raise capital, pursue strategic options, and innovate
    In the context of the designation of a Chinese mobile equipment company as a military company by the US Department of Defense, we assisted counsel by opining...
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  • 03
    Counterfactual interest rates and group guarantees
    In the context of the prosecution of the CFO of a major multinational telecommunications equipment company charged with wire fraud and bank fraud in a federal...
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