Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA)

We assist clients involved in TCPA and other related class action matters such as the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act, the California Invasion of Privacy Act, and the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act. Our services range from sophisticated analyses of complex databases documenting telephone calls, call recordings, faxes, and texts to assisting clients at the class certification stage and/or with damages. We use data analytics and industry knowledge to provide insightful, rigorous, and clearly explained opinions in high-stakes consumer class action litigation.

Our teams include telecommunications industry experts, PhD economists, data and privacy experts, CPAs, lawyers, statisticians, compliance professionals, and database administrators, coders, and computer forensic experts. Our experts are seasoned testifiers and also provide support in mediations and settlement negotiations in consumer class actions. We have a deep understanding of telecommunications industry policies and practice, telecommunications carrier data and third-party data, and consumer marketing and communications practices.

Our focus areas


  • 01
    Analyzed call data for cruise line companies in TCPA case
    Plaintiff’s brought suit against a travel agency and a group of cruise line companies alleging that marketing calls offering a free cruise violated the...
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  • 02
    Analyzed dialer data in Telephone Consumer Protect Act class action case
    Plaintiff, a lawyer representing an incarcerated prisoner, filed a class action against defendant, a telecommunications carrier that provided telephone...
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  • 03
    Data analytics expert for defendant in TCPA class action case
    Plaintiff sued a transport company in a purported class action alleging that multiple phone calls he received alerting him to issues relating to package...
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