Debra J. Aron

Vice President

Dr. Debra J. Aron is a Vice President in the Competition Practice. Debra applies her expertise in economic and policy matters, including competition and antitrust analysis, intellectual property, class certification, and damages analysis, in both regulatory and litigation disputes.

She has provided expert testimony for over 20 years in a variety of high-stakes federal, state, regulatory, and arbitration cases relating to the development of competition in regulated and emerging markets; pricing; market definition; price fixing damages; investment in new technologies; unjust enrichment; lost profits and reasonable royalties; and economic cost analyses. She also has conducted competition analyses in several high-profile mergers and macroeconomic analyses of pricing and investment changes.

Dr. Aron’s work spans many industries, including energy, consumer beverages, and manufactured products. She has a particular expertise in communications, media, and technology. Her work in this area includes antitrust, intellectual property (patents, trade secrets, and copyrights), class action, breach of contract, and regulatory matters involving wireless telecommunications services, wireline telecommunications services, broadband services, satellite services, wireless handsets, network equipment, telephone numbering systems, intercarrier compensation, universal service regulation, regulatory pricing and cost analysis, computer hardware, computer software, newspapers, and maps.

Selected Engagements

  • 01
    Allegations of exclusionary behavior under Sections I and II of the Sherman Act
    CRA was retained by defendants in a matter involving allegations of exclusionary behavior, refusal to deal, and essential facilities regarding telephone...
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  • 02
    TCPA class certification
    CRA’s expert was retained to assess whether members of a purported class could be reliably identified from only a list of wireless phone numbers dialed on...
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  • 03
    Allegations of theft of trade secrets and copyright infringement
    CRA’s expert was retained by defendant to analyze unjust enrichment claims in an intellectual property dispute related to wireless handset technology. CRA’s...
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