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CRA provides economic impact assessments of both national and local policies across a wide range of sectors, from digital markets to traditional industries. Our economic experts can help answer questions such as whether a policy is likely to achieve its intended objective and/or result in unintended consequences and costs. We provide holistic economic impact assessments and policy evaluation, analyzing the impact of policies on total welfare.

We have experience advising public sector clients designing these policies as well as private sector clients that may be affected by adverse policies. This includes the publication of white papers and public comments; critiques of prior studies concerning the policy; and expert reports and expert testimony in litigation.


  • 01
    Uber NYC
    The Supreme Court of the State of New York has annulled a regulation that would have required “For Hire Vehicle Bases” (such as Uber and Lyft) to limit the...
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  • 02
    Analysis of competitive and economic effects of proposed regulatory price increases for package delivery
    CRA Vice Presidents Dr. Debra Aron and Dr. Justin Lenzo advised the Package Coalition and prepared a public white paper analyzing the effects of proposed price...
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