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Monopolization & Vertical Restraints

Vertical restraints and other business strategies may, depending on the facts, intensify competition, have anticompetitive effects, or even constitute monopolization. CRA helps clients, competition agencies, and the courts understand the true nature and impact of such conduct. We have analyzed loyalty rebates, alleged predatory pricing, and a wide array of actual or alleged vertical restraints. To this end we rigorously apply the modern economics of contracting, other elements of modern microeconomics, and appropriate statistical and econometric tools, such as contract simulation, critical elasticity studies, cost-justification assessments, and market surveys.


  • 01
    Alleged foreclosure from API supply agreements
    CRA was retained by a plaintiff generic manufacturer in antitrust litigation involving an infused hospital pharmaceutical product. At issue were claims...
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  • 02
    A report for PST Eletrônica S.A. in a lawsuit contesting a CADE’s decision
    CADE convicted PST Eletrônica S.A. for anticompetitive conduct due to exclusivity in its contracts with car alarms distributors. PST appealed to courts. Daniel...
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  • 03
    A report for TotalPass in a complaint against Gympass
    TotalPass (wellbeing apps market) has filed a complaint against Gympass before CADE for anticompetitive conduct. According to the complaint, Gympass...
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