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Class Actions

Innovative analyses of the economic issues in class actions.

CRA professionals have provided economic advice and testimony in a number of high-stakes class action cases. This experience includes analysis of class certification issues, liability, aggregate and individual class damages, injunctive relief, and settlement distribution issues. CRA also has a broad range of experience in class action matters involving fraud, product liability, and securities. We apply cutting-edge econometric techniques, simulations, and economic theory to complex economic questions, and present results in expert reports, oral presentations, depositions, and trial testimony that are readily understood by both economists and non-economists.


  • 01
    Analyzed dialer data in Telephone Consumer Protect Act class action case
    Plaintiff, a lawyer representing an incarcerated prisoner, filed a class action against defendant, a telecommunications carrier that provided telephone...
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  • 02
    Data analytics expert for defendant in TCPA class action case
    Plaintiff sued a transport company in a purported class action alleging that multiple phone calls he received alerting him to issues relating to package...
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  • 03
    Wage & hour class action alleging meal period violations, rounding claims
    Advised counsel to a supplier of construction materials in a California Labor Code class action claim alleging unpaid wages as a result of the client’s...
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