Sponsorship & Speaking Engagement

Losing the Keys to the Castle: What In-House Counsel Need to Know About Trade Secret Litigation

February 2, 2017
Union League Club of Chicago

In this panel, you’ll hear from experienced in-house counsel, outside litigation attorneys, and digital forensics and eDiscovery specialists who will address the following questions:

  • Should you utilize state court (the traditional venue) or Federal court?
  • How can you strategically use both the DTSA and the ITC?
  • How should Executives and the Board react to a theft?
  • Where are the forensic artifacts needed to prove liability when so much of your data now lives in the cloud?
  • How does eDiscovery differ in trade secret litigation versus civil litigation?
  • What are the risks of failing to investigate and disclose a material theft in a timely manner?

Louis Scharringhausen will be a panelist at this event.